Summer and short term Reservations


In the Student Residence Mayol you can book single long as availability permits.

Between October and June, the single rooms are occupied by resident students. There is the possibility that there are rooms available at this time of year. The price of the single rooms are (price per person per night):

Single room € euros (*)
Room and  45 €/night
Room with terrace 


Double rooms

The availability of the doubles during the year is broader. Prices are as follows

Double  room
€ euros (*)
Double room (2 beds) 
55 €/night/person
Double room (2 beds) with terrace 65 €/night/person



For reservations over 30 days, monthly rate will apply.

Entries must occur after 13pm from 22:30 noon and departure before 12 noon.

(*) 10% VAT included


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